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About MLX

Connecting Industry Problems 
with Startup Machine Learning Innovations

The Machine Learning Exchange (MLX) was founded as the Toronto-based hub to connect industry problems with startup machine learning solutions and talent.


The University of Toronto is the leading machine learning institution in the world, with world-renowned researchers and graduates, many of whom have gone on to head major machine learning initiatives at Google, Uber, OpenAI, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and others.


The Rotman School of Management is a leading business school with globally-recognized leaders in Finance and Risk Management, producing highly sought after graduates. The talent is here, and they shouldn’t have to go to Silicon Valley to create game-changing financial services solutions. Nor should Canadian-based financial services firms have to go to Silicon Valley to employ that talent, or partner with startups to achieve a competitive advantage. MLX is dedicated to help make connections.


MLX will host conferences, round-tables, workshops and meet ups, a talent exchange, courses, and targeted training.

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